Air Handling 

Air Handling Unit

Creating the optimum environment for the compost & mushrooms is one of the most crucial aspects for today’s growers. The correct design of the Air Handling Unit coupled with the air distribution pattern throughout a growing room is critical for successful mushroom crops.


Fancom Fan

The correct fan is one of the most important products. We offer plate option in single and three phase. The axial fan unit is fabricated from aluminium with a simple filter section, mounted in the end wall of the growing room. The air is distributed in the house via a plastic duct with holes suitably positioned. Centrifugal fans are medium fans with high efficiency, low sound level and designed for universal installation.




Environmental Control

Fancom Control Unit

Complete control of the environment is absolutely essential for successful mushroom growing.

Fancom Climate Controllers are the leading supplier to the mushroom industry worldwide.

Climate Control

Climate Control

Fancom has a climate computer suitable for each phase of the production process, from fermentation to harvest. Simple to operate, it will take all the routine work out of your hands. Leaving you more time to devote to the actual production process.



Humidification Nozzles

Air Humidity is a very important growth factor in a growing room climate. Air Humidity influences crop production and quality both directly and indirectly.




JF McKenna humidification controllers allow automatic management cycles of mist which offers great flexibility and a perfect management of the mist depending on ambient temperature and humidity conditions.