Fancom systems allow you to control every aspect of the house, to achieve optimum growing results.

From compost to mushroom, Fancom has creates the conditions for balanced mushroom growing. Fancom has a climate computer suitable for each phase of the production process, from fermentation to harvest. Simple to operate, it will take all the routine work out of your hands. Leaving you more time to devote to the actual production process.

750 Tunnel Computer      

The better the climate in your tunnels, the better the quality of the substrate. The 750 Tunnel Computer creates the optimal climate conditions in phase II and III in tunnel systems for various varieties of mushrooms.                        

751 Fermentation Computer

The 751 Computer handles fully automatic control of the fermentation phase. It perfectly controls compost decomposition to create an end product ideal for further processing in the production process. 

765 Climate Control Computer 

The 765 controls the growing conditions for all mushroom varieties in 1 or 2 growing rooms. Extra energy saving features ensures efficient ventilation and humidity so you can profit from a low cost price.



The 765 controls the growing conditions for all mushroom varieties in 1 or 2 growing rooms. Each of the 15 cultivation phases has a separate key, so selecting the required climate is easy.                                                       


The 765.xl controls the climate of all types of air conditioning systems. Control settings such as fresh air, circulation, cooling, heating, humidification and steam are contained in 10 growing phases.                              

MUX 8/16 Multiplexer  

The MUX.8/.16 is a multiplexer used to measure and control gas concentration in the mushroom growing industry. It transmits this data via a network to the Fancom control computers.